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Good To Know

  • We have our own vehicle and caravan

  • Our base is in Switzerland

  • Yayita has a Swiss and German passport

  • Declan has British passport and a Swiss residency card (Aufenthaltsbewilligung B, Familienmitglied EU/EFTA)

  • Currently no valid vaccinations

Our Story

In the year 2018 we met during a circus contract and fell in love. After the six week contract we carried on our individual lives. 

In 2019, after months of maintaining a long distance relationship, we began working together in Ireland, Declan as a clown, me as an aerialist. One year later Covid introduced itself, so we decided to leave Ireland and go back to my home, Switzerland.

Lockdown was a perfect chance for us to leave behind our solo carriers and reinvent ourselves as a couple: we created the Comedy Ballett.

An act that combines our individual strengths: Declan's history as a Clown brings the fun and joy, Yayita's background as an artist, and forever love for ballett, brings the acrobatic and elegant elements into the act. 

Our secondary act, the Whips, was initially created due to an accident.
I, Yayita, trained for the next contract in America, but fell five meters from the Swinging Trapeze and fractured my arm/wrist and hips.
At the time I wasn't keen on going back into the air, so I the plan was to create an act that promised more safety: The Whips.
But my heart still beats for the air, I am still finding myself creating and performing numerous aerial acts.

Since 2020 we return to Switzerland every winter. Initially the idea was just to support my parents in running their dinner show "Bellis Weihnachtsvariete", but with every year we took on more and more responsibility upon ourselves. 

Now we treat the show like our own. 


About Declan

Fluent in English, after a drink also German 😉


Declan was born and raised in Liverpool, England. 
At the age of 16, after graduating high school, Declan literally "ran away with the circus", which is where he discovered his passion for comedy. After some time he found his role on stage and performed as Clown Dexter in Ireland for many years

After meeting Yayita and beginning to work at Bellis Weihnachtsvariete, he began his transition from Clown to Comedian and created adult versions of his Gags to fit the variety audience. 

Yayita belongs to the 7th generation of the Swiss Circus Family Gasser, and therefor grew up as a typical circus child:

In the circus of her parents.

She was homeschooled and had her first performance, on the Trapeze, at the age of seven, which was taught to her by Isabella Enoch.
Later she received training by Evgeny Butorin, Barbara Schnegg and Juliana Krech. 

At the age of 18 Yayita left the family business to work and travel independent as an aerialist. 

About Yayita

Fluent in English, German and Swiss German

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